My name is Emilie Guerin. Some people might wonder if I'm a Youtuber, a wildlife photographer, or even an animal rights activist. The answer is all of that and none of it. I'm just myself, a person who decided to put their soul into this platform. The only thing I want to do is inspire people to go after their dreams and to strengthen their relationship with nature and animals.

I believe that everyone was putting on this planet for a reason. Some of you might think that God or the Universe gave you a mission. No matter if someone gives you a mission or not, I believe that we should live on purpose. When I was asking myself, what was my life mission, I always had that answer "to help animals." To be honest with you, I have to admit that I didn't really like that answer. I couldn't see how helping animals would pay my bills.

This might sound “cliché,” but things changed when I started living a vegan lifestyle. I realized that every day, I could save an animal’s life. Now, the most important thing in life for me is to live on purpose, not to grow my bank account or buy the next trendy clothes.

In summer 2019, I sold everything and moved into a van to follow my mission; to share animal rights and climate change conservation. Through my adventure, I want to share the beauty of this planet and its fragile state in the hope that more people will want to preserve it as much as I do.

Join me for some vegan recipes, wildlife and landscape photography, traveling in some of the most beautiful places, and meeting new people along the way that make a difference for the animals and nature around us.

Things you may not know about me...

  • Born and raised in a small town close to Quebec City, Canada. That's where my lovely French accent comes from.

  • I moved at 23 years old to British Columbia, Canada, alone, with just my backpack.

  • I studied art with a master in woodworking at Limoilou College.

  • I’m a certified dog trainer, and I owned a dog training business for five years.

  • I have been doing nature photography for more than ten years.

  • When I'm not working on my different projects, you can find me boating, hiking, or traveling.


About me